About Michael

I’ve rewritten this bio 4 times now. Clearly I struggle with writing about myself. So I am going to simplify and be direct.

My name is Michael Gregory. I was born and raised in a small ski town called Mammoth Lakes in California.

I have an insatiable appetite for life and adventure. I was always the kid that would climb the tallest tree and do the things that scared the shit out of the neighborhood moms. As an adult friends sometimes tell me, “you live this life”. I am in a constant pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

I like to push the envelope. Or as some would say, create chaos for the sake of chaos.

My personality can come off as confidant, arrogant at times, brash, and hard to deal with. I am a man built on principles. I have a very specific idea of how I believe friends should take care of one another sometimes to the point of pushing my own friends away.

I believe in people. For most of my professional career I have been a leader and a manager. Yes, theres a difference. I believe deeply in inspiring great people to accomplish great things. I have had the honor to be inspired and led by a select of truly impactful people that shaped me professionally and personally more than they will ever know. And, on the contrary, I have had the honor of leading and developing a select of truly impactful people. I aspire, more than anything, to have this effect on other people. Money, things, stuff is all great. But I want to be surrounded by great people with similar ambitions and inspire them. De La Soul has a lyric, “So when I’m gone, make sure the head stone reads ‘He did it for us.’” While at times I may not be successful at it, I strive every day to make an impact on people. I want to inspire and lead.

I struggle with inactivity. My mind is constantly active and I need to be on the go and actively engaged to be my best.

Friends and family are the most important thing in the world to me. I would do anything in the world for any of those that I come across. Especially those that have been with me since day 1.

I’ve worked every job one could imagine within the ski industry. Managed and lead over 50 people before I was 26. Made a six figure salary before 28. At 29, I quit to pursue my real dreams and follow the perpetual feeling of missing something. Hopefully I can find whatever that is out in the world with my girl by my side.

Or maybe I’m just running away.

The Sojourn.

Thrice – In Exile.

I am an exile – a sojourner; A citizen of some other place.
All I’ve seen is just a glimmer in a shadowy mirror,
But I know one day I’ll see face to face.

I am a pilgrim – a voyager; I won’t rest until my lips touch the shore –
Of the land that I’ve been longing for as long as I’ve lived,
Where there’ll be no pain or tears anymore.

My heart is filled with songs of forever –
Of a city that endures, where all is made new.
I know I don’t belong here; I’ll never
Call this place my home, I’m just passing through.