Bordeaux. France.


As I’m sure you can guess, Bordeaux is the region in France where Bordeaux wine is from. We were ready to sip delicious wine and explore the small city. However, upon arriving they were having one of the biggest heat waves of the year… 40C and we were melting. Needless to say, the sun and heat really took it out of us, so we decided to just relax. The city is small and easy to see everything in one day.

[Tip: Be sure to check out the misters in front of Parliament; perfect on a hot day, and I’m told the reflection at night when the water is calm is beautiful.]

IMG_3587 IMG_3588 IMG_3589 IMG_3591 IMG_3592

A quick walking city tour complete with the necessary Rose 🙂

IMG_3609 IMG_3611 IMG_3606

A busy shopping street is in the heart of the city, along with cafes on every corner. 


Saint Emilion.

The best thing about Bordeaux is it’s central location to other great wine regions. Definitely take a day trip from Bordeaux to Saint Emilion, a well-known winery region. Saint Emilion is a UNESCO Heritage Site and a beautiful medieval town. Personally, I liked Saint Emilion better than Bordeaux. More quaint, more character. The streets are all cobblestone, small, and walkable. It was another hot day for us, so we tried to stay cool in the wine cellars and sipping Rose 🙂 #RoseAllDay

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Bucket List:

  • Drink Bordeaux in Bordeaux
  • Wine tasting in Saint Emilion

Next time:

  • Rent bikes and ride by the river
  • Go to the market, buy bread, cheese, meat, and wine and have a picnic by the river


  • Free wifi everywhere!!
  • Lots of shopping options
  • Good wine!
  • Walkable city, plus the tram is easy too


  • Not too much to do besides see the city and drink wine. Two days is fine. One for Bordeaux and one for Saint Emilion


  • Saint Emilion is known for their underground wine cellars so be sure to check those out. 
  • Eat dinner at L’entrecote in Bordeaux! They don’t take reservations and tend to have a long line, so be sure to go as soon as they open at 7pm. Great steaks! All you get to decide is how you want your steak prepared. Tip: Dip your fries in the steak sauce. Omg! 

Fun Fact:

  • Saint Emilion has some of the oldest wines in France, dating back to the 12th century.
  • A clown tour?? I’m confused.