Where do I even begin. Talk about a dream trip. Words can’t express how truly amazing this entire experience was. From start to finish, everything was perfect — transportation, weather, accommodations, food, our group and guides — it was complete perfection.

That being said, I’m happy to report WE SUCCESSFULLY SUMMITED MT. KILIMANJARO!!! What an insane accomplishment – A HUGE bucket list check.

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I know it’s been a very long time since the last post — real life gets in the way, that’s for sure — but, the good news is, we’re back on the road, FINALLY!

The funny thing about life and all of its circumstances, a year ago now I was wrapping up my 9 month trip around the world, flying home October 14th (my dad’s birthday). And now, a year later, I’ll be in Africa. Life is crazy, and I’m so blessed to be soaking up every moment!

Tomorrow we jump on a 24 hour travel day to Africa to embark on one of our greatest bucket list quests yet… HIKING MT. KILIMANJARO!!!

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Sahara Desert.

As most people visiting Morocco can relate, I’ve dreamt about riding camels and sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert for a very long time. I researched a great deal beforehand, but here is a look into our five-day Sahara Desert Tour followed by my advice that I wish someone would have told me.

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Marrakech is debatably the most popular tourist city in the Northwestern African country. To me, Marrakech felt exactly how you would imagine Morocco to be: Street vendors tucked into every alley, selling exotic merchandise, beautiful leather bags and jewelry, outdoor food vendors and street performers. But the first thing you’ll notice are the motorbikes. All I can say is, “LOOK OUT!”

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Where to even begin? I’ve tried to think of something positive to say about Fes, but sadly I’m at a loss. This is quite possibly one of the first cities I’ve been to on this trip that I wanted to leave immediately. 

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All I can say is WOW! If you go to Morocco, you MUST stop in Chefchaouen. This city is straight out of a movie. Blue everywhere. Walls, stairs, doors, windows, cats. Ok, so not the cats, but there are hundreds of them roaming the streets. Just like stray dogs in South America, it’s stray cats in Morocco. So don’t be alarmed when they’re in the restaurants too 🙂

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Tips for Traveling to Morocco


Before coming to Morocco, I read a number of blogs from female travelers stressing their concerns about safety in the Muslim country. I must admit, I was a little hesitant and nervous after reading their reviews as some had uncomfortable encounters with local men. Thankfully, I was traveling with five guys so I felt pretty safe. Plus, I knew without a doubt that these guys would protect me if something did happen. That being said, I still was very cautious and constantly aware of my surroundings (as every good traveler should be, alone or with a group).

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