Chefchaouen. Morocco.


All I can say is WOW! If you go to Morocco, you MUST stop in Chefchaouen. This city is straight out of a movie. Blue everywhere. Walls, stairs, doors, windows, cats. Ok, so not the cats, but there are hundreds of them roaming the streets. Just like stray dogs in South America, it’s stray cats in Morocco. So don’t be alarmed when they’re in the restaurants too 🙂

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There are different theories behind the color blue and why the people of this small town chose it. Some say it keeps the mosquitoes away, it keeps the temperature cool, it’s a good omen, wards off evil spirits, etc. But when I asked a local about the symbolic meaning behind the color blue, his reply was simple: There isn’t one. It’s purely aesthetic. The blue started only inside the houses and then moved to the exterior of the homes. Why? Because they like blue! 


This is the perfect town to get lost roaming the streets of the Old Town. And I highly suggest doing just that, buy a pair of authentic pants and eat your first traditional tajine.

IMG_5482IMG_5453 IMG_5457IMG_5466 IMG_5480 IMG_5484 IMG_5490 IMG_5524 Once you’ve had your fill of the Blue City up close, end your evening with a walk up the hill outside of town to the Jemaa Bouzafar Mosque for a stunning sunset above the town. You’ll be in good company with locals and tourists soaking in the good vibes.

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With only a quick stop over, we bid goodbye to Chefchaouen, jumped in a cab and drove 4 hours to Fes to continue our Moroccan education. But before we left, we couldn’t help ourselves and had to make a music video on our way out of town… Can you guess what song we chose??

2015 Bucket List Complete:

  • Make music video
  • See the sunset from the hilltop mosque

Next Time:


  • No alcohol
  • Not as conservative. Can wear tank tops.


  • Book a bus out of Chefchaouen as soon as you arrive. Buses sell out fast and you don’t want to be stranded. We had to negotiate a private taxi to Fes for $900 Dom ($90USD), but figured it was worth it for 4 of us in a 4 hour cab.

Fun Fact:

  • Mint tea is served at every Riad upon check-in. Sit down and enjoy it. Don’t rush to your room, it’s considered rude.

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