Lisbon. Portugal.


Everyone, and I mean everyone, I talked to raved about Lisbon. Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal. Don’t get me wrong, it was a neat city, but that’s kinda all it is. A city. Perhaps because we’ve been traveling for so long and have seen countless cities that it wasn’t as impressive (?).


I’m told the nightlife is great, especially down Pink Street, but nothing was really going on on Sunday night. Except a long line for the palm reader at the only club open.


All I know is that the one thing you need to do in Lisbon is get a pastry from Pasteis de Belem. Warm, with cinnamon. It will change your life. I had three.


First, if arriving by train, you’re welcomed by a beautiful station!


Roaming the colorful streets of Barrio Alto.


River Walk – Check out the Golden Gate Bridge’s twin! 

IMG_5219 copy IMG_5222 IMG_5224 copy

And of course, stop for a beverage to quench your thirst.

IMG_5252 IMG_5253 IMG_5256 IMG_5265 Find a rooftop restaurant and admire the sunset views!

IMG_5229 IMG_5230 Explore the city and many plazas…

IMG_5225IMG_5250 Drinks at Park – A hip, hidden rooftop bar above a parking structure. Another perfect spot for sunset.

IMG_5268 IMG_5270

Overall, Lisbon was cool, but I wasn’t overly impressed. 

Next Time:

  • Elevator up the tower to the look out point – Great views of the city


  • Pink Street – Go to the club and get your palm read, different rooms and different themes
  • Eat at L’entrecote – amazing steak, sauce and fries (similar to Bordeaux)
  • When traveling from Portugal to Morocco by bus, skip Lisbon. Instead, travel south of Portugal to the Algarve Coast, to Magala Spain and hike Camino del Rey then into Morocco.
  • Overnight bus from Lisbon to Seville (no bathroom on board). Had to switch buses at 5:30am in Seville. Slept on a public bench for the first time in my life. Buses in South America were way better than Europe! Bathrooms on board, drivers switched every two hours, etc. Next time, fly to Morocco.

Fun Fact:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge architect is the same as SF and Lisbon.

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