Naples. Italy.

Naples, or Napoli,  is where we began our Italian expedition. Just one night, and that was plenty.

In the future, I suggest catching lunch here on your way to the island of Capri to start your Amalfi Coast road trip. The only thing you need to do in Naples is eat pizza. Then leave.

IMG_8077IMG_8078 IMG_8084

Stop for a bite at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. It may look familiar as this is where Julia Roberts eats in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love“. I’ll admit, it’s very touristy and can have a huge line outside, but if you hit it at the right time, you’ll walk right in and have your delicious pizza in five minutes. They only have two options: Margerita pizza or double margarita. DO THE DOUBLE! The open wood burning stove is so classic Italian. And the best part, pizzas are only 5 EURO. Talk about a deal.

I used to think that pizza was just pizza, but this was literally the best pizza I’ve EVER had in my entire life! The ingredients are so fresh and the mozzarella truly made it.

IMG_8089 IMG_8092 IMG_8095 IMG_8106

By the time we left, this was the line out front…


Tip: You have to order your own pizza everywhere in Italy and you’re expected to finish it all. Yes, it’s a lot. But you can do it. I did. #noguilt

Fun Fact: Afterwards, the hotel told us that place is for tourists and next time go to Dal Presidente for the locals favorite pizza spot. #Oops


  • Everyone told us how terrible Napoli is, the city and the people; yes, the city is shit, but the people are extremely friendly and helpful


  • English is OK, but not great. Brush up on Italian!
  • Sorry to say it, but Napoli is a gross city – We saw people shooting up heroin on the streets (first time I’ve ever seen that. Kinda scary – Note to self: Don’t go down sketchy alley ways even during the day.)

How to get there:

  • We flew from Budapest to Naples on Wizz Airline. Watch out for the hidden baggage fees. Direct flight is only 1h30m. Easy!