Porto. Portugal.


An adorable port town, built to resemble San Francisco, CA, and I think they did a pretty good job. The town that gave the country (and port wine) its very name, Porto is Portugal’s second-largest metropolis after Lisbon. The old town, centered at Ribeira, was built on the hills overlooking the Douro River, and today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While exploring the streets and getting our bearings, we ran into Franklin and Ravi, two of our crew from Running with the Bulls in Pamplona. Small world!

IMG_4793 IMG_4803 IMG_4804 IMG_4806 IMG_4847IMG_4789

Palacio da Bolsa.


Avenida dos Aliados.


With part of the crew together again, we checked out the churches and famous blue tiles that Portugal, especially Porto, is known for. The Carmo Church is immaculate. I’ve never seen anything like it.   IMG_4860 IMG_4861 IMG_4863  Sé (Cathedral).IMG_4926

In typical Deena fashion, I had to get to the highest point to see an overview of the city! The views from Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar are stunning.

IMG_4821 copy IMG_4827 IMG_4830IMG_4917

The next day, we walked around, checked out the market, the shopping street, the Majestic Cafe, and took a 6 Bridges Cruise. We only saw four bridges though so that was false advertisement, or just a lazy captain, but still fun with our old (and new!) friends!

IMG_4929 IMG_4934 IMG_4937

When we got back to the dock, we noticed the local kids jumping off the main bridge in town, Dom Luís I bridge, some asking for tips, some scared, taking forever to jump. Showing them up, Michael striped down to his underwear, climbed up above them all and jumped over them. 100 tourists watching and all cheering for him! It was quite the sight. Proud girlfriend moment! Haha. Unfortunately, because he went so fast and was so in the moment, we didn’t get a video of that one, so naturally he did it again. He had a pretty funny “Walk of Shame” up from the water in his wet underwear with onlookers clapping and shaking his hand, saying, “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re my hero.” 

IMG_4807 IMG_4941 IMG_4942 IMG_4947 IMG_4939

Quick two days in Porto, but that’s plenty of time. Sent off with a beautiful sunset.


On to the next… LAGOS!

Thanks to our old and new friends!


2015 Bucket List Complete:

  • Drink Port Wine


  • 6 Bridges Cruise
  • Eat a Francesiana – Traditional Portuguese sandwich with every meat imaginable, an egg, and enchilada sauce on top. Very heavy.


  • Blue tiles

Next Time:

  • Rent bikes
  • Visit a local port winery 


  • Cute, walkable city with great views!


  • Not much more to do besides walk around for a day


  • Amazing views of the city from the cliff top museum/church. I hear it’s better than paying the $3 to climb up the cathedral tower, and less crowded. 
  • Only need one full day here