Tips for Traveling to Morocco


Before coming to Morocco, I read a number of blogs from female travelers stressing their concerns about safety in the Muslim country. I must admit, I was a little hesitant and nervous after reading their reviews as some had uncomfortable encounters with local men. Thankfully, I was traveling with five guys so I felt pretty safe. Plus, I knew without a doubt that these guys would protect me if something did happen. That being said, I still was very cautious and constantly aware of my surroundings (as every good traveler should be, alone or with a group).

I wore modest clothing and dutifully covered my shoulders and legs. 

While visiting, I learned that some cities are more conservative than others. I could get away with a tank top in Chefchaouen and the Sahara, but had to be fully covered up in Fes, and wanted to appear considerate to the Muslims in Marrakech, though you’ll see a lot of tourists showing skin.

Here is a list of the rest of my tips for traveling to Morocco:

  1. Skip Tangier — If you’re coming on the ferry from Europe, jump in a cab or grab a bus as soon as you dock in Morocco. Trust me, there is nothing to see/do in Tangier and it can be very dangerous. I suggest heading directly to Chefchaouen.
  2. No alcohol in Morocco. Or if you do find it, it’s extremely expensive. I suggest taking this time to detox 🙂
  3. Say “No Thank You” and be very polite. Treat the locals like people. It’s when you ignore them or wave them off that they get upset. That’s the best piece of advice I got about going to Moroccan and it worked very well. We never had any issues.
  4. Moroccan trains can be oversold forcing people to stand in the aisle even if they have a first class ticket. Also, people keep the train door open to smoke outside. Sketchy!
    Tip: 2nd class tickets are $20 and 1st class is $30 for assigned seats. Do it. Otherwise you risk it being oversold and having to stand for 6 hours. No thank you.
  5. Do your research before coming here!
  6. Stay in Riads (aka family owned hotels/hostels). They’re inexpensive, authentic, and the owners are typically very helpful.

[Tip: Cab from Tangier to Chefchaouen is $700 Dom ($70USD), 2.5 hours. Be aware, the roads are sketchy. Cars passing on turns, buses driving with the door open. Overheating. Burning trash, terrible smells, trash on every bush like Bolivia. Definitely feels third world. Reminds me of Mexico, Jordan, Israel rolled into one. ]

The landscape was incredible though. Constantly changing. Desert to mountains to forest. Valleys, crops, rolling hills.

“Shookaran” = Thank you

“La Shooka” = You’re welcome

This post isn’t meant to deter anyone from visiting Morocco. Morocco is an incredible country and I highly suggest putting it on your next travel destination list, but these are just some simple ways to ensure you have a fun, safe trip! ENJOY!