Travel Budgets

First and foremost, we’re extremely blessed. By that, I mean we don’t have the typical travel budget story. We didn’t begin planning this trip years ago or start saving every penny. To be honest, we just decide to quit and travel in November 2014, embarking in February 2015. With only December and January to plan, most wonder, “How is this possible?”. Trust me, I know it sounds crazy, but timing was everything.

Michael bought a house in Venice Beach, CA in June 2014. The house was technically a duplex with a small back house on the lot, that we rented out immediately. When we started talking about the RTW trip in the beginning of November 2014, we spoke to our realtor who sold us the house and he thought we could rent the main house for a significant amount. That being said, the rent from our house will be funding our entire trip. I have to tip my hat to Michael on this, as the planning was impeccable and ingenious. Without this house, none of this would be possible.

Shout out to our awesome tenants! Take care of our house while we’re gone and we’ll bring you back a nice souvenir 🙂