Santa Marta. Colombia.

Santa Marta.

I must be honest. At first, I was pretty unimpressed with Santa Marta. During the day, it looks like a quiet, dirty, port town. However, as the sun sets, all the streets open up and restaurants spill out into the plazas, salsa music pumping from every club – nightlife is alive! Good restaurants, street performers, and fun Salsa dancing bars! I guess Santa Marta isn’t so bad after all. 

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We spent a day scuba diving in the Caribbean and that was magic. We saw countless fish, a seahorse, eels, lobsters, and turtles! Thanks, Octopus Dive Center!

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  • Great scuba diving!
  • Surprising good Mexican food – Finally!
  • Fun night life and Salsa dancing


  • Beaches in the city are very dirty. Go outside the city to the park for a good beach and swimming experience


  • Do yourself a favor and don’t try the Colombian national alcohol, Aguadente – tastes like gasoline and black licorice. Yuck.
  • Just a day or two in Santa Marta is plenty

Fun Fact:

  • Don’t be alarmed if the locals stop and ask you for a photo because they’ve never seen a large red-bearded man before 🙂