Tivat. Montenegro.

Tivat. Porto Montenegro.

Given the timing of this portion of my trip (mid-October), and how ‘dead’ it appeared to be in Croatia, I was a little concerned with Montenegro following the same seasonal ebb and flow. Unfortunately, I was right. Kotor and Tivat were both extremely quiet, with the majority of restaurants and shops being closed for the winter season. 

However, Tivat could not have been more drastically different from Kotor. Tivat, Porto Montenegro was named the ‘Superyacht Marina of the Year for 2015’.

Tivat felt like Marina del Rey in Los Angeles, CA. All of the buildings and apartment complexes were planned strategically and very sterile. Tivat is a beautiful town situated on the water, but unless you’re visiting during the summer months and have a yacht to hang out on, I would suggest skipping. Tivat felt like the Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills with its walking streets lined with designer clothing boutiques, and the mega yachts parked out front in the harbor. An interesting town to spend an afternoon, but if you really want to experience the true Montenegro culture, head out to Kotor or Budva.

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Therefore, only a quick afternoon walk around Tivat was enough to get my bearings and head to the closest ice cream parlor for a scoop of chocolate and soak in the rays before they disappeared behind the clouds once more.


Tivat, you have potential — I’ll be back in the summer time. And with a friend who has a megayacht 🙂



  • Locals are extremely nice and welcoming. 
  • The weather was warmer than Kotor so that was a plus.


  • Too sterile – Not enough character.


  • Stayed at a great hotel right on the main drag, the Palladium, and they upgraded us to the penthouse suite, only 40 EURO a night.


Fun Fact:

  • Did I mention there are lots of Russians here? I was even asked if I was Russian.

Next Time:


  • Find someone with a yacht to hang out on – they’re everywhere!
  • Go to Albania for lunch – Yes, I’m serious.

Transportation: Local bus from Kotor to Tivat was 2 EURO, but then you have to take a taxi for 3 EURO to get into the city center.