Journey to Africa…


I know it’s been a very long time since the last post — real life gets in the way, that’s for sure — but, the good news is, we’re back on the road, FINALLY!

The funny thing about life and all of its circumstances, a year ago now I was wrapping up my 9 month trip around the world, flying home October 14th (my dad’s birthday). And now, a year later, I’ll be in Africa. Life is crazy, and I’m so blessed to be soaking up every moment!

Tomorrow we jump on a 24 hour travel day to Africa to embark on one of our greatest bucket list quests yet… HIKING MT. KILIMANJARO!!!

This has been on our minds for a very long time and we’re over the moon that it’s finally becoming a reality. We’ve dreamt about this trip with our dear friends, Matt and Renee, for years (planned to go for mine and Renee’s 30th birthday last year – we’re a little late, but now it’s my 31st birthday month and right before her’s so it still counts, right??).

Anyway, the emotions that I have right now are so mixed. Obviously, I’m extremely excited! Africa is a far off fantasy land that my parents have fallen in love with countless times and I can’t wait to experience the same magical emotions and cultures that they have. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit my slight apprehension. This is 19,500+ feet we’re talking about (Yes, I know it’s not Everest). But people can die up there from altitude sickness. And I definitely don’t take that lightly. The thing about altitude that is frustrating is that you can’t exactly train for it. People can be born at altitude or be in the best shape of their life and not summit. Others can live in Mississippi, never hiked a mountain over 3,000 ft and be just fine. It really is a crab shoot.

So no matter the amount that I’ve trained or the great health I think I’m in, when it comes to extreme elevation hiking, it’s the luck of the draw. I pray that I’m a lucky one. I pray that we’re all lucky ones.

HOWEVER, The trek we’re doing and the outfitter we’re using have a very high success rate, so I’m SUPER positive and EXTREMELY pumped to take on this challenge!

The next time I write will be three weeks from now, after our trip, and I hope with every fiber of my being that I can tell you that all of us summited Mt. Kilimanjaro!!!

Until then, think happy, positive, oxygen-filled thoughts for us all, and I’ll be in touch soon!!

For those curious, we’re doing the Lemosho Route up Kili, then a four day safari in the Serengeti and finally fly to Zanzibar for a quick island escape before back to reality. Until then…

Adventure awaits!

~Deena – xoxo

P.S. I’ll post our packing list and pros / cons post-hike so I can let you know what worked and what didn’t 🙂

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2 Comments on “Journey to Africa…

  1. So, what happened on Kili? (Tanzania is the best to observe and appreciate the complex ecology of Africa!)

    • Hi Don! Kili was AMAZING! One of the most spectacular trips of my life. Have you been?? My apologies that I haven’t done a full recap yet, but I promise it’s coming soon! I hope you’ll check back for it… Thanks for reading and following along!