Just a Taste of Sao Paulo

Despite our time in Sao Paulo being brief, we were able to taste a number of traditional Brazilian treats to help get us acquainted with the culture.

Our first night in SP, we had the pleasure of meeting Alex Atala, the man behind the world-renowned restaurants of D.O.M and Dalva e Dito. In 2012, D.O.M. was rated the 4th best restaurant in the world and continues to win awards for its Brazilian fusion techniques. At Dalva e Dito, we enjoyed our first caipirinhas — the traditional Brazilian cocktail made with lime, sugar and Cachaça — along with an assortment of entrees and desserts.


The next day, we continued our coffee education and enjoyed a chocolate cappuccino along with brigadier (aka sugar chocolate balls). Warning: These are extremely sweet and should be shared amongst friends 🙂

.CappucinoChocolate balls

Our last meal in Sao Paulo we were taken to our friend’s brother’s pizza restaurant, Leggera Pizza Napoletana. Surprisingly, Brazilians take their pizza very seriously. However, it’s typically thick and greasy. Antonio, the owner of Leggera, studied in Italy, and has adopted the Sicilian technique, bringing traditional thin crust Italian pizza to Brazil. This place was PACKED on a Friday night, and I must say, was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.

AntonioPizzaVera Pizza

Thanks again to our dear friends, Marcio and Daniella, for treating us to the delicious tastes of Sao Paulo!