Lagos. Portugal.


Lagos wasn’t in our original plan for Portugal, but since Erich, Nic, and Taylor (the rest of our crew from Running with the Bulls), were heading there, we decided to make a detour. And I’m so glad we did!

Lagos is a fun, very touristy, beach town in the south of Portugal. Not much in terms of nightlife, but the beach is where it’s at. Considering the scorching temperatures, we expected the water to be quite warm. NOT! It was definitely chilly. Refreshing, but cold.

We found our perfect spot just back from the main beach, a tiny hidden cove and the perfect cliffs to jump off. We befriended a girl from New Jersey back in Porto, and she ended up meeting us in Lagos the second day — we had a wild and rowdy group. From getting yelled at by the lifeguard for jumping off the cliffs, to swimming through caves from beach to beach, to wrestling on the sand, we had an inappropriately unbelievable time.

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Next time:

  • Shark fishing
  • Sunset cruise
  • Visit the best beach – Sadly, the “best beach in Lagos” was under construction so we couldn’t go, but that’ll have to wait until next time!


  • Stay in the main town area. It’s quiet enough at night time, that it won’t be an issue and it’s nice to be close to the beaches and restaurants.