Barcelona. Spain.


As soon as we arrived, I was instantly enchanted by Barcelona. The tree lined streets are beautiful, filled with traditional Spanish architecture, rod iron balconies, and classic statues in every plaza. I felt like every where you turned, you saw another piece of beauty.

We were going to do our first Hop On Hop Off bus since we only had two days in Barcelona and wanted to see as much as possible. Yet, on our walk to the bus, we passed a scooter rental shop and decided that was more our style. For $25 for an entire day on the scooter, we strapped on our helmets (Michael appropriately wearing a Lakers helmet), and road around the city, which was the perfect way to see all of the tourist sights without really feeling like a tourist.   IMG_6672 IMG_6673 IMG_6678 IMG_6650

Guell Park.

Guell Park is not to be missed! Take the time to walk around inside and admire all of Gaudi’s work, along with the gorgeous view of the city. You won’t be disappointed. Just be sure to be prepared for crowds.

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Basilica de Sangrada Familia.

Yes, it’s still under construction. Construction began on the church in the 18th century and is set to be completed by mid this century. I’ll believe it when I see it! 

The exterior of the church changes depending on what side you’re looking at. Tip: Be sure to walk about the entire block to see the different architecture styles. Mostly, it has a very gothic look, but on the back side, at the top of the towers, it takes on a playful and colorful, almost Candyland-like appearance. Gaudi definitely had fun with this one.

The interior is exquisite. The columns and ceiling are set to portray a forest, along with the other natural elements of water, light, and animals incorporated as well. Beautiful rainbow-colored stained glass windows line the entire upper walls.

Sadly, due to the large crowds and on-going construction noise, it took away from the spiritual atmosphere the cathedral could and should have. Hopefully once construction is complete that aspect will improve. 

IMG_6604IMG_6599 IMG_6602 copy IMG_6681 IMG_6684 IMG_6686 IMG_6701 copyIMG_6693 IMG_6697 copy IMG_6704 copy

Gothic Quarter

IMG_6663 IMG_6666 IMG_6668

Mile Shopping Street

IMG_6766 IMG_6773

Relax on the beach – The water is so clear and warm! Hint: Beach becomes more crowded in the evening with people riding their scooters after work and meeting friends. Great atmosphere.

IMG_6652 IMG_6653

Taking a vacation from traveling for a bit 🙂

IMG_6713 IMG_6728 copy

Ocean cement blocks as a man made reef – Locals and tourists walk on them and jump into the water, but be careful the cops/coast guard isn’t around cause they’ll kick you off. IMG_6743 IMG_6745 IMG_6746

Futball Game – Barca vs. Roma.

We’ve been trying to catch a professional football game since South America and FINALLY got to see one our last night in Spain. Barca vs. Roma. And what an experience! This was just a “friendly” match, but they still sold out a 100,000 person arena. The crowd was pumped up and the atmosphere was exactly how you would imagine the most popular sport in the world to be. It was electrifying!

IMG_6798 IMG_6777 IMG_6779 IMG_6780 IMG_6795 IMG_6789

2015 Bucket List Complete:

  • Park Guell
  • Basilica de Sangrada Familia
  • See a pro football game – Barca vs. Roma

Next Time:

  • Day trip to Montserrat to see the “Stairs to Understanding” statue – We were told we had to see them, but sadly they’re about an hour outside of Barcelona so they’ll have to wait until next time when we have more time.


  • Easily navigable
  • Friendly, helpful people
  • Not as much haggling/soliciting
  • Stunning architecture
  • Classic Spanish ambiance and appearance
  • Lots of young people
  • Awesome vibe
  • Great restaurants
  • Nice beaches


  • Too many stop lights. You’ll realize it if you’re in a taxi or renting a scooter


  • You need tickets to get inside Guell Park and Sangrada Familia. Book early (online) because times sell out and you don’t want to have to wait.
  • Even when you don’t think it’s a nude beach, it is.
  • Giant yachts and boats in the port to help you day dream about your next life.



A beautiful beach town located at the southern point of Spain, across the ocean from Morocco. Small cobblestone streets, fun bars and restaurants everywhere. And you can swim in the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans! We spent a night here before embarking on our African Expedition. It was the perfect place to soak in the sun and beach time; Highly recommend taking the time to enjoy Tarifa if you find yourself in the area!

Mediterranean on the left, Atlantic on the right.

IMG_5355 copy

The Med.



IMG_5359 copy IMG_5374 IMG_5392 IMG_5394 IMG_5396 IMG_5418 IMG_5419

Next time:

  • Hike Camino del Rey

Fun fact:

  • Atlantic Ocean is surprisingly warmer than the Mediterranean